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Preliminaries to Anderssen-Steinitz
1866 Championship Match
Researched by Nick Pope

The 1866 Match

Chess.—Dr. Anderssen, of Breslau, has been invited to a chess contest by the famous Austrian chess-player, Herr Steinitz. A sum of 100 is to become the property of the winner, and the game is to be played in London, either at Easter or in July.

Anderssen, at present recognised as the European champion, comes from Germany in July to play a match with the brilliant Steinitz.

A match between Anderssen and Steinitz, for 100 a side, is expected to come off in July.

Match Between Messrs. Anderssen And Steinitz.—We are enabled to state that Professor Anderssen has accepted the challenge of Mr. Steinitz to play a match at Chess in the course of next summer. The details will be arranged in due course, and we shall not fail to acquaint our readers with them.

Match Between Anderssen And Steinitz. Our readers will learn with satisfaction that all the preliminaries for the match between those gentlemen, which is to take place in London, have been definitively settled. Mr. Anderssen is expected to arrive here in June, and the match will then immediately commence.

Match Between Anderssen And Steinitz.
"Coming events cast their shadows before."

In the Congress of 1862 last but not least in the list of conquerors was the name of Herr Steinitz. The difficulties which that gentleman surmounted were of a varied and formidable character. An entire stranger to the metropolis and London Chess circles, unacquainted with the different players and their respective styles, and not even speaking the English language, the successes which he achieved proved a greater triumph than the Chess playing public had been led to anticipate under the peculiar circumstances of the case. The subsequent success of the youthful Vienna champion, has, however, raised him to the foremost rank, he having contended with players of European renown, such as Signor Seraphino Dubois, and Mr. Blackburn [sic], the well-known blind-fold amateur; and lastly, at Dublin, the victory which he achieved over the redoubtable Rev. G. A. McDonnel [sic] has entitled him to the highest honours in the Chess world. In fact, he is the competitor in the field to dispute the laurel crown with him. Under these circumstances it will be highly interesting to witness the contest between Herr Steinitz and the veteran Professor Anderssen. It seems almost a struggle between two different generations; for there is, we believe, a difference of nearly a quarter century between their respective ages. When the professor first entered the field there existed the well-known constellation of "The Seven Stars" in the Berlin Chess heaven, most of whom have since shone on different horizons. We are well acquainted with the glorious play of the Breslau "hermit"; and although Herr Steinitz has never yet engaged first-rate players in any series of matches, his brilliant style, intuitive power, dash, and spirit exhibited in the contests in which he has engaged entitle him to be ranked as one of the chiefest players. He had not arrived in London when the brilliant American meteor passed through our clouded heavens, and it is, moreover, true, that he once came in contact with his present opponent Professor Anderssen, and with the widely celebrated L. Paulsen, but on these occasions he suffered defeat for the reasons above stated. The progress which he has, however, since made, his youth and untiring, energy render the issue of the forthcoming struggle very uncertain, and preclude our pronouncing judgment in favour of our veteran opponent, or presuming to foretel what victories may be in store for Mr. Steinitz in the future.

A Match between Anderssen and Steinitz for 100 a side, the stakes being contributed by personal friends of the players, has been arranged, and will commence on the arrival of Herr Anderssen, who is expected early in July. The match will be played at the London and St. George's Clubs, to which members of the Association will be admitted on presentation of their tickets.

The famous German master Anderssen arrived here on Saturday last, for the purpose of playing the match which has been arranged between him and Mr. Steinitz.
Illustrated London News, 1866.07.21, p76

The famous German master Anderssen arrived in London on the 14th of July, for the purpose of playing the match which has been arranged between him and Mr. Steinitz.
Chess World, v2, 1867, p176

Match Between Anderssen And Steinitz.—This long looked-for contest is now certain to come off, the veteran Anderssen arrived in London. Some apprehension had previously been felt lest the war in Germany might detain him at home, but he has reached this country in excellent health and spirits, and seems fully prepared for the arduous contest before him. As Herr Steinitz is generally admitted to be the best foreign Chessplayer resident in England, the match between the two such antagonists is sure to produce some excellent and truly scientific Chess studies. We hope in due time to lay some of them before our readers. It would be rash to prognosticate the result of the encounter, but, to which ever side victory may incline, the struggle is certain to be long and arduous.

D. C. G.—Anderssen And Steinitz Match.—1. A game of this match will be played, beginning at one o'clock, on Monday next, at the temporary rooms of the Westminster Chess Club, Gorden Hotel, Piazza, Covent-garden. Any chess amateur of respectablity [sic] will be admitted, we are told, to see the combat on presenting his card. 2. As regards the record of the games, there is no restriction whatever. The games are the property of those who are at the expense of their being played, and no "manager," for his own peculiar advantage, will be permitted to monopolise a single one of them.
Illustrated London News, 1866.07.28, p99

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