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The Lasker-Steinitz Match,
World Championship 1894
Researched by Nick Pope


    Apropos of the Steinitz-Lasker match, we call attention of our readers to the following extract from a letter lately received from Mr. Steintiz, in which the champion says:   “The announcement in various journals about my having consented to a reduction of stakes from $3,000 to $2,500 is premature.  No formal application for the purpose has yet reached me and I have had, therefore, no opportunity of deciding on the subject.”
New York Recorder, 1894.01.14

    Steinitz and Lasker had another conference at the Manhattan Chess Club on Saturday and both seemed to be ready to sign articles for the proposed chess match for the championship.  They agreed upon all the rules and regulations to govern the great contest, but did not place their names to the articles, because is has not been settled where they are going to play.  They are waiting for letters from certain clubs.
    Lasker was seen at the City Chess Club by a SUN reporter on Saturday night. He said:  “Tell the readers of THE SUN that there is not the slightest hitch in the matter as far as the principals are concerned.  Steinitz and I had many hours’ conversation to-day, and I am happy to say we have agreed on one and all points.  As soon as the clubs with whom we are in correspondence have arranged matters we shall sign articles.”
The Sun, New York, 1894.01.29

    It was stated at the Manhattan Chess Club yesterday that Steinitz and Lasker would sign articles to-day.
The Sun, New York, 1894.02.05

    W. Steinitz and Emanuel Lasker have settled their little differences about playing a match, and last Saturday night in the presence of Dr.E.W. Dahl, a director of the Manhattan Chess Club, they signed articles.  Some time ago THE SUN published the articles as proposed by Lasker.  After some alterations these have been agreed to.  The great masters will begin the match in this city on March 15, and contest eight games, or until one of the players has won four games, draws not counting.  Then they will go to Philadelphia, where the match is to be continued until one of the players has increased his score by two points, drawn games not counting, or until one of the players has won three games.  The match will be concluded under the auspices of the Montreal Chess Club.
    Arrangements are now being made by the players for hiring a hall in this city for playing.  There will be an admission fee of $1 per game; that is to say for the afternoon sitting, from 3 to 6 o’clock, and the evening sitting, from 8 to 11 o’clock; season tickets at the rate of $5 will be sold.  About fifty season tickets have already been disposed of.
    The player who first scores ten wins, draws not counting, will be declared the winner.  The time limit has been fixed at fifteen moves an hour, while from three to four games will be played weekly.  The stakes, which were reduced to $2,000, must be deposited with W. de M. Marlor, President of the Montreal Chess Club, on March 10.  Each man has already posted $250 with the stakeholder.  The winner will receive the total amount of the stakes and will be the champion of the world.
The Sun, New York, 1894.03.05

    In re the Steintiz-Lasker match for the championship of the world, the dreary stage of negotiation has finally been passed and next Thursday evening is stated of the opening game.  The match is to be one of ten games up, exclusive of draws, with a time-limit of fifteen moves an hour.  The stakes are $2,000 a side.  The match will be played in New York, Philadelpia and Montreal, in the order named.  In each city the players will name two umpires or seconds and a referee.  For New York, Messrs. J.W. Baird and Showalter have already been chosen for umpires.
New York Recorder, 1894.03.11

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